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COVID-19 : crisis and post-crisis

Entreprise & Diplomatie is committed to assisting its clients with their international business strategy during this unprecedented sanitary crisis. Thanks to the ADIT Group's network of experts deployed in all regions of the world, our teams are able to respond to the most complex situations related to the impact of covid-19 at a local and international scale.

1. Entreprise & Diplomatie offers a wide range of services designed to limit the effects of the global health crisis on its clients' assets abroad. Its experts deploy their expertise in business-to-government and operational mediation. They maintain a strong link with the highest public authorities of the countries in which they are established.

Entreprise & Diplomatie can guide you on the following issues:

  • Highlighting business continuity and corporate services during the crisis;
  • Recovery of unpaid government debts;
  • Pre-litigation resolution of blockages related to the enactment of a public contract;
  • Mediation within the scope of commercial disputes generated by the health crisis;
  • Negotiation with local public authorities in a context where expatriate executives have returned to their home country;
  • Highlighting the positive impact of the company during the health crisis;
  • Communication to African governments of best practices in terms of the use of new technologies to contain the crisis;
  • Solicitation of the French diplomatic network on general interest economic issues.

2. Entreprise & Diplomatie proposes to define and support strategies to anticipate the end of the health crisis and to detect investment opportunities. Our experts master the international legal ecosystem and support our clients in their international projection in a post-covid world. In a context where new commercial standards will apply, Entreprise & Diplomatie identifies new investment opportunities and anticipates financial flows from major international donors.

Entreprise & Diplomatie provides the keys to the new economic and institutional environment that will be put in place and offers to accompany its clients on the major international tenders that will shape the recovery of economic activity.

Our services include in particular:

  • Country risk analysis – consequences of the sanitary crisis;
  • Analysis of new local ecosystems;
  • Detection of project opportunities;
  • Support in the setting up financing offers;
  • Search for financial and industrial partners;
  • Search for complementary support and local allies (civil society, opinion leaders);
  • Design of influence strategies and operational action plans;
  • Action on the production of new international standards;
  • Policy engagement to highlight the company's ambitions.

ADIT has decided to deploy new resources towards the international development of its client companies by creating Entreprise & Diplomatie, a subsidiary dedicated to operational business diplomacy.

Led by diplomat Bruno Delaye, our team focuses on a limited number of high stake business transactions. We offer our clients targeted services aimed at specific operational results. Our three main assets are a winning combination adding value for our clients:

  • We are a subsidiary of the foremost European provider of strategic intelligence
  • A high-level team of experienced professionals with hands on experience
  • Our business partnership with French public authorities